Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quick and Easy Banner Tips-3 Birds Studio

Hi everyone!  If you made it to my blog from the 3 Birds Designs Blog, you already know that I'm sharing a quick and super easy banner tip today.  If you are starting here, be sure to go by the 3 Birds Designs Blog to take a peek at my layout that incorporates banners, too.  While you are there,  be sure to take a look around!  There are so many great ideas that the other members of the design team have shared!

I made this little bucket giftie for and example of a layered banner.  I love the look of banners, but I used to seldom do them?  Why?  Because I never got the ends even and it bugged me!  I am the first to admit that I can get a little picky about things and with banners, just eyeballing it and hoping for the best wasn't doing it for me.  Then... I had an idea!

I had my Scor-pal on the table one day when I wanted to make a banner, and I decided to play around.  I came up with this and now I like making banners and I really like that I don't have pencil marks on my paper, just in case I decide to use the other side!

For this example, I first cut a strip of paper 1x6".  The concept will work with any size, however.  Also, you want to make your scoring really lightly, so that you don't have score marks when you complete the banner.  For the picture to show, I had to do it a bit heavier.

Step 1: Score lightly where you want the inside angle of the banner to end.  Because this one is small, I used 1/2".

Step 2:  Turn the paper and score in the middle of the paper.  Again, this example is 1" wide, so the score mark is 1/2".  End this score mark where the first one is.


Step 3:  Cut from the corner of the paper to the place where the score marks meet, as shown.

Step 4:  Repeat on the other side.

Step 5:  Score where you want the banner to fold.  This is a matter of preference.

Step 6:  Fold.

Perfect banners every time!!


Now, you might have figured this out before, but for me, this was a eureka moment!  If you have a better idea and I would love to hear about it.  I'm always up to learn something new!  

I also have some BIG NEWS today!!!  
The new Graceful Season Collection from 3 Birds Studio is now available for purchase on HSN!!!
Be sure to check it out on the 3 Birds Designs Blog for all the details and I would love it if you took a look at my layout!


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  1. I like this little banner that you have made. I think it would look good on a small present. I wonder if I could make a larger version to put up in my neighborhood. I am thinking of starting a lemonade stand.
    Jayden Eden | http://www.missionsigns.com/