Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Really? Snow in Central Texas?

It's just so HARD to believe, but it's snowing in Austin!!! Wow!!! So much fun!! It is just beautiful. I'm sitting here looking out of my window watching it snow and watching the deer eat what little bit of my grass is sticking up through it. Now, I know that so many of you have 'real' snow often, but in central Texas this is a rarity!! I have been taking some pictures of our house and yard. You see, here we have pools, not snow! lol I had to have a picture of my pool with the fountain running while the snow is coming down. I've also noticed that it's not just snowing softly, it's so wet that it's snowing in chunks!

The best part of the day though is that when I was outside taking pictures, I could hear the next door neighbors kids just giggling away! They came out front and I was so happy to hear the she has kept them home from school today to play! I love that!! They are still little and this is just too fun to pass up. I think that sometimes making memories is so much more important than a day at school. Judging by the smiles and screams, this is certainly one of those days!

Here are a couple of pictures of our house in the snow. Yes, I went over and took pictures of the kids, but I forgot to ask if I could post them! lol

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scrapbooking and Beyond and a Drawing!

I am so excited to see this!! This is my layout on the cover of Scrapbooking and Beyond. What a wonderful surprise!! Scrapbooking and Beyond is doing a new series this year called Kit Kraze. It is all about kits! There are 4 designers using the exact same supplies to make a page. Each designer has put together a kit for the other designers to use. All are featured in the magazine as examples of the different looks you can get with one kit. Such fun!!

Liz Qualman put together the first kit. It features Pebbles Inc. Lil' Miss papers and embellishments! So CUTE!!!

Wanna know the best part??? YOU COULD WIN THE KIT!!! Just go over to Scrapbooking and Beyond and follow the instructions. You can also see all the layouts and all the directions to the 4 layouts by going here. You will also want to check out Julie Howard's and Susan Dupre's layouts. They are terrific!!

Here is a picture of my actual layout.

Thanks for sharing my excitement!! Good Luck with the contest!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm So Ready for Summer!

Or at least a nice tropical vacation. At least it's sunny, but I can live without the wind and the cold. It's time for a season change! Preferably... TODAY!! I probably shouldn't be griping since I know that there are so many people snowed in, but I bet they REALLY want summer, too! Hope that all my friends living in the snow covered parts of the world are safe and warm!

I just had to play along with the My Mind's Eye challenge this month. I've been wanting to do more challenges and fun things since we seem to finally be settled. When I saw the sketch, I pulled out my papers and had some fun! If you want to play along, there is a link to the MME blog on your left.

Here is the layout that I did. For Christmas, my niece Marnee sent me a fistful of Ella's recent photos. Yippeee.... that's the best present!

I also want to thank my followers for putting up with me lately!! I think that I will try to leave my blog alone for a while. Hopefully, the only updates you will now get from me are when I actually make new posts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I've finally figured it all out, too! I never knew that I was so blog challenged! Now... if someone could explain Facebook to me, I would be set!

Thanks also to Julie aka Retro Julie for your help with figuring it all out!! You have been a huge help!!! If ya'll haven't checked out Julie's blog, you should! It makes me laugh every single time I read it. Julie Howard's Blog

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Friday, February 5, 2010

There is Love in the Air at My Creative Scrapbook!

It's that time of year and My Creative Scrapbook has the BEST kits to make your Valentine's and Love pages! There are some great ideas for cards and altering in the gallery this month, too! The design team has done some truly beautiful work to share with you. Be sure to check out the entire Design Team Gallery.

Here are my projects made from the kits. As you will see, I did a LOT more projects than usual. I just had to give all 4 kits a bit of attention this month! They are just so FUN!

First up is the Main Kit featuring Making Memories and Adornit. This is the sweetest kit made up of pretty pinks and soft browns. What a beautiful combination!

This is a snapshot of Kelly and I. I thought that this kit offered a nice way to tell our story.

This is my great niece Ella and her daddy Brent. The heart was made by tracing a Technique Tuesday tile on some of the patterned paper. I love this frilly heart and the way you can use it to frame a picture.

Just a simple card and altered candy holder. You can pick up these little cans at craft stores now. An easy way to give a little treat to those you love!

Next up is the Creative Kit featuring My Little Yellow Bicycle. Talk about a bright and fun kit with so many embellishments to make different looks! This is it! I just had to give a little love to my sweet tooth with this kit. Would you believe that I didn't even have to go to the store to get these pictures? All this candy and the brownies were readily at hand. Hhhmmm... and I wonder why I'm gaining weight! LOL

The Album Kit features Bo Bunny this month. Lots of color choices in this one. I love the way the Design Team got so many looks out of this kit. It truly has something for every style. I went with more of the reds that are in this one, but there are beautiful pinks in it, too!

This is my Father in Law holding Jade when she was a toddler. She was 'helping' Papa. I just cut the die-cut paper and re-arranged it. I added a couple of eyelets to the corners and tied them together with a piece of sheer ribbon.

This is Ella with her mommy Marnee this time. A super simple little layout. The black dots are Scribble's dimensional paint. You can pick it up cheap in the craft stores and even Walmart.

My idea of a funny little valentine. The 'title' and hearts are just rub-ons that are in the kits. This is a little nod to my daughter who really doesn't like the whole Valentine's Day thing. Since it's probably not a good idea to skip it all together, she prefers the funny Valentine's things.

Finally, the Limited Edition Kit!!! Wow!!! Just absolutely GORGEOUS things in this kit!!! It's also the BEST value out there!! It features Fancy Pants with lots of Prima goodies!! It's quite simply LOADED with the good stuff!

My niece and brother in law. I really like the way the Kraft paper of the Fancy Pants looks for a more masculine page. It gave me a chance to keep this one from being to girly with the flowers on this one. Of course, if you check out the DT gallery, you will see that this line can go super feminine, too!

Ella again... this time with Jade. This is a picture from the first time that Ella stayed with us. I came up with the title because we weren't quite sure that she actually did sleep! lol Of course, when she finally did, I was taking pictures instead of a nap!

FINALLY...This is a little girl's jewelry box that I altered to hold candy for my guest room.

I told you that I did much more than usual this month!! Thanks for hanging out so long to look at my projects!! You should get a prize!!!

Speaking of prizes... notice that I'm working on a new look? It's not done yet, but when it is, I'll be having some give-aways! Stay tuned!