Monday, July 13, 2009

On Wishes...

I was going to say that I wish I was better about blogging, but... I'm going to get better someday! Yeah right.... For anyone who is still bothering to drop by, let me just say that it has been a crazy time! Last time I blogged, I had been on retreat and had surgery. I'm all better now, but things have been so crazy since then. My dog had surgery AGAIN, my mom had emergency surgery, I moved my son home for the summer, moved my daughter to a temporary apartment, found a house, bought furniture, gave a party, would you believe that I even had jury duty today??? What are the odds of that? But, life is good! Everyone is on the mend and having a great summer!

So, right now, my biggest wish is that I had someone to help me sort and pack! We haven't moved in 17 years, so this is turning out to be a huge job. For those of you who don't know, we are moving into town. I'm actually kind of shocked about it, but also looking forward to having less land to keep up with. I'm going to miss baby goats and chickens crowing in the yard, but I will be enjoying the deer in the yard at the new house. Would you believe that my dad drove by the house the other day and called to tell me that there were 14 deer in the yard? TRULY!!! You just can't make that up! It seems that the current owner of the house feeds them. There are babies, too! I can't wait! I have been wishing for a new home for years, so this is a wish granted for sure!

A wish that I've had for a long time that is related to scrapping is for 'any color crystal that I want'. As most of you know, I'm on the Zva team and I get all their gorgeous products in the mail. What a fun thing that is! I had read something from Kim Hughs, another dt member, about how she uses Copic Markers to color her clear crystals. Now, I probably shouldn't admit this, but I didn't know what the heck Copic Markers were. Naturally, after searching, I couldn't find any locally to buy. So... experiment time... Guess what? Sharpies work like a charm!! I was so excited to figure this out! Everyone has a handful (at least) of Sharpies. If you are the rare person who doesn't, just drop by Walmart. Wish granted!! Don't you love that?

Here are a couple of layouts where I changed the crystal color. On this one, all the crystals were clear. I love red!

On this one, I just changed the lettering from clear to orangy-brown to go with the crystal strips.

So now, I have to start wishing that someone will take pity on me and help me with my blog!!! I decided that I wanted a white background and went to change it. Did I remember to save the template? NO! Gone forever! lol After the move, I'll be working on this again. I wish I knew how to do digital so that I could make cool stuff for it. For now... clean and simple is what it is!

Thanks for dropping by!