Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inspired by Pinterest

Are you becoming interested in Pinterest?  If not, you really need to check it out!  I can't get over all the ideas that are shared there.  So many things that I never would have thought of! The creativity there blows me away.

At Bo Bunny, there are a lot of Pinterest Addicts, too!  In fact, today we are doing a Pinspiration post again.  There are so many ways to be inspired by the same picture, as you will see if you drop by the Bo Bunny Blog.  Each of the designers came up with completely different layouts.

This time, we were given this picture of loads of dice for inspiration. 

  user posted image
 The first thing I noticed when I looked at this one was that it had lots of squares and the numbers on the dice looked like a sea of polka dots to me. 

So this is what I came up with. 
One Year in the Life
I decided to use lots of squares, so all of the pictures are cropped into squares.  Because I was using so many pictures and it can be a bit tough to get them all cut and lined up perfectly, I chose to print them as a contact sheet.  After printing, all I had to do was cut them into strips.

I added three polka dot bows and strips of ribbon.  I did them all different colors because I also liked the way the picture showed how appealing several different colors can look together.  Of course, the adorable Little Miss Collection from Bo Bunny includes all the colors pulled together, too.

If you look closely, you will notice that I pulled more polka dots into the design by using Double Dot papers for the punched frame. 

When printing the contact sheet for your photos, you can choose to lable them.  I chose to lable them with the file name that I had saved the photos as.  I also made them all sepia tinted to make them sit nicely on the layout.  The large photo in the middle was edited by dialing down the saturation of the colors to give it a soft look.

Be sure to drop by the Bo Bunny Blog today to see what the rest of the Design Team has come up with!  You won't believe how differently we interpreted the picture!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dress Form

We have been having some painting and re-doing done around our house lately.  In the process, I've been doing a bit of playing!  Finally!  I picked up this dress form a year or two ago, and I had never done anything with it.  Somewhere, I have a picture of the before, but I can't find it to save my life.  :)  Anyway, it was a light seafoam green before I got started.  Now, with a bit of paint, Glimmer Mist and Lumiere it looks like this...

I used a load of tulle, some ribbon and a few flowers on it.  I really didn't mean for it to end up looking so bridally, (is that a word?) but it fits with the decor of the room. 

This is a picture of the waist.  I just hot glued the flowers in place at the center of a sash of tulle.  The flowers and the leaves are from Prima, except for the white one. 

This is the other side of the waist.  It was simple to do.  I just tied lots of bows with tulle and ribbon to the iron. and bunched them up.  You can also get a bit of a look at the iron in this one. 

Along the bottom of the form, I looped sever layers of tulle to make a skirt.  I alternated the look of the tulle detail along the scrolls.  These are also a few bows crunched together to get the look.

Just one more.  This is the top and a bit closer look at how the tulle mixed with the ribbons looks.

I'm just loving seeing all the dress forms that are available now.  If you have altered any, I would love to see them!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Yellow Bicycle Escape Collection

Escape with Little Yellow Bicycle!

Have you seen this new collection yet?  It is such a terrific travel collection and includes all the wonderful embellishments that you can always expect from Little Yellow Bicycle!

I've been wanting to scrap some of the pictures of my daughter that were taken when she was getting ready to enter the adult world and when I saw the journey, discover and day trip embellishments, it seemed to be a perfect fit.  After all, there are many ways to take a journey besides the standard, traveling for vacation.  :)  It didn't hurt that her purse matched the collection perfectly!

Because her car is black, as were some of the embellishments, I chose to use black stitching to add some extra detailing.  I also used some of the clear stickers in black that are made by LYB's Deja View lable.  These stickers are so great!  They have weight, which makes them so easy to place. 

Thanks for dropping by!  I know that it has been a while since I posted.  Sometimes, life gets really busy!  At least it does around here!  I'll be back to posting regularly now, though!

Don't miss the Little Yellow Bicycle Blog for more ideas using this terrific new collection!  Also, CHA is right around the corner and LYB has so much more coming soon!  Gotta Love That!!