Friday, February 21, 2014

This is a gift bag that I put together using canvas paper, trim, fabric, some jute and, of course, gorgeous Leaky Shed Studio Chipboard!  Decorating using my Leaky Shed Chipboard gave it the special touches that it needed!

I love the Flower Leaf Corner from Leaky Shed Studio, but I wanted to use it to frame the flower cluster, instead of the traditional way. 
As you can see from the picture, this is a really pretty chipboard piece with leaves and flourishes.  I just cut it up to arrange it in a different way.  I used chalk ink to color it brown.

I tucked the Leaky Shed Studio Barn Swallow with Crown above the flower cluster.  Instead of coloring it with ink, I covered it with paper.  I chose a subtle print to keep the monochromatic look that I was going for.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

3 Birds Quilled Cardmaking - Shadowbox

I'm really excited to be up on the 3 Birds Studio blog today! If you haven't been to the 3 Birds Studio blog, be sure to take a look at a card and pillow boxes that I made.  This kit is so fun and the instructions for quilling are super helpful!  I've never quilled before so, for me, having everything included in the kit, including the tool was invaluable.

 I was so excited about the Quilled Cardmaking Kit from 3 Birds, that I couldn't resist making more than one card!

Just For You
For this card, I experimented with stemmed flowers.  Now, I know the pros probably do this differently, but I had this idea, so I had to try it!


There are two things that you can see from this angle.

The first is you can see is how I built the stems for the flower and attached it to the flower.  I folded one strip of the green in half and glued it for added stability.  I then glued the curls and leaves to the stem.  Lastly, I attached it to the quilled flower.  This technique allowed me to add glue to the more substantial pieces to make it easier to attach to the card.

Tip:  Use tweezers and a tiny bit of glue to attach the stem to the bottom.

The second thing that you can see for building this card is the foam tape that I used.  Because this is a shadow box card, using foam tape allowed me to over lap the edges and give it added dimension.

 To finish off the look of the card, I added some red strips for an additional frame.  I used my Xyron sticker maker to add adhesive to the strips of red paper.

And.. a bonus!  I LOVE gift bags, so I wanted to go ahead and have a little gift bag to go with the card.  I used a piece of paper from the 3 Birds paper pad to make this little gift bag.  

Gift Bag

This was super simple.  I just made an extra flower and leaves and attached them over two strips of the quilling paper.  I also used the Xyron to make attaching these strips easy.   

Don't forget to stop by the 3 Birds Studio blog to look at my other quilling ideas!

Thanks so much for stopping by!