Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let It Snow - Leaky Shed Studio

Let It Snow

I have been into purple and blue lately because my daughter's apartment is decorated primarily in purple, blue and gold.  I love these non traditional colors for Christmas projects and especially for winter projects.


The background of this 6x12" canvas is covered with a  piece of wrapping paper.  I just used Mod Podge to adhere it, then gave it a light mist of Color Shine.  The paper is silver and white, but I knew that I wanted to add gold as the primary metallic color.

I really love the idea of using wrapping paper for things that will sit out during the holidays.  In my case, I only buy what I love and what co-ordinates with my decor.

Tip:  Ok... weird tip for today!  If you want AWESOME wrapping paper, try TJ Maxx, Marshalls or Home Goods.  They are all owned by the same company and they have the BEST foil papers!!   They are also really inexpensive compared to buying them at other stores.  :)

You can see in the close-up that this is a really glittery project!  Be prepared to get covered!  

I first put purple glitter on the entire snowflake.  After it was dry, I just took my paint brush and dabbed in a few places with glue and added the blue glitter.  Repeat the same process for the gold glitter.

I also did the edges the same way.  I did use purple paint, but decided that the glue worked better.  

For the bling in the background, I just glued the blue trim down and then added adhesive jewels.   I also added some jewels in the center of the snowflakes.  

Finish the project off with a sentiment and a bow.  Actually a really easy and quick little sign to set out during the winter.  

Tip:  Since I am giving shopping tips for this post, I thought I would let you know that I picked up the trim at Michaels for $1.   They have several colors in the $1.50 spot, but always dig a bit in the dollar ribbon bin.  You never know what you might find.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Card and Ornament-Leaky Shed Studio

 Hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Our family had a wonderful holiday and are now gearing up for Christmas.  

For today's post, I used the Leaky Shed Studio Christmas Ornaments.  This is a terrific group of ornaments that is so pretty already, so designing with them was super quick and easy!  

This ornament was super easy.  I started by giving it a couple of sprays of Heidi Swapp Gold Color Shine.
I then added glitter to the edge and to the separate circle piece in the middle.

I used tiny strips of foam tape to attach the inner circle.  For the picture, I made sure it really showed up to show, but hanging on my tree, you don't see it at all unless you are looking for it.  :)

The flowers and letters are already glittered, so it took nothing more than gluing them to the project. 

Tie a bow and a hanger to the top and your are good to go!

I also made a card with two more of the ornaments. 
Now, since it's really obvious, I'm owning the fact that getting a picture of this card really did me in!  However, I think you can still see the details.:)

I repeated the basic idea from the ornament for the tree on these.  A couple of sprays of mist and glitter accents. 

For the centers, I used a 2" punch to make circles of paper.  This My Mind's Eye paper is already glittered, so all you have to do is glue it to the back.

Tip:  If you haven't ever tried it, let me recommend the Art Glitter Glue.  It lays down a fine line, dries quickly and is so much easier to use than school glue. 

Again, use foam to layer the chipboard, glue down the flowers and tie bows for this quick and easy card.

One more confession, since I'm owning my mess today... Notice the glitter on the bows.  Weeelllll...I had glue on my fingers and got it on one of the ribbons.  Of course, that meant I got glitter on it, too.  Guess what?  I liked it a lot, so I added it to the other ribbons, too!  Mistakes aren't always a problem!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Perfect Day - Leaky Shed Studio

This is a picture of my daughter and my niece taken during a girl's only weekend. I took this picture at dinner when we let my husband participate by taking us out for a fancy dinner.  Of all of us, my niece (on the left) deserved to be treated!  She's the sweet mommy of 5!

The Perfect Day

You can see that I used 3 pieces of chipboard.  I kept thinking about techniques to use on them, but finally settled on simply inking them to darken them up a bit.  I love the natural look of the chipboard, as is, but wanted to have them stand out a bit more.

I used Cat's Eye Chestnut Roan chalk ink to add the touch of extra color.

Because I cropped the picture close, the chipboard corner piece made more sense to use a design element to frame the photo instead of being used in the traditional way,  I use a few sticky pearls to embellish it a touch.

Lastly, I used a paper butterfly layered over the top of the chipboard butterfly.  I liked the way I was able to echo and frame the lighter colored paper butterfly to make it stand out more in the design.

Leaky Shed Studio Products:

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaky Shed Studio and Julie Nutting

I'm a big fan of Julie Nutting and actually purchased her book and played with her tips for drawing my own dolls.  Let me tell you, having them all cut out and ready to go is much easier than coming up with your own!  As you've already seen from some of the other designers, these little dolls are so versatile and there are endless ways to decorate them to suit your personal style.

I made a sign using three of the chipboard dolls.

This sign is only about 5x8" so it makes a perfect little door hanger.  It is one I picked up at Hobby Lobby for about a dollar.  I am forever picking up little bits and pieces to alter.

Be Marvelous
 The background was created using modeling paste and spritzes.  I sprayed some of the blue and purple on when the Modpodge was dry and used a paper towel to rub across the paper to give it a hint of color.

I chose to paint the doll's bodies and hair and to make their dresses from paper.  

Tip:  Before I started decorating them, I ran them through my printer and made a copy.  I then printed the copy on lightweight cardstock to make a pattern for cutting the clothes.  It's a super quick and easy!

After covering them with paper, I used my PITT Big Pens to add some details to the dresses in purple and blue.  I used a fine Pitt Artists pen to do the outlining and the details on their hair.

You can see that the outlining and details that I added are very loose.  I wanted some movement in the dresses but didn't worry about perfection.  Just a few brush strokes will do the trick.

To finish them off, I spritzed them with Perfect Pearls to add some sheen. 

Leaky Shed Studio Supplies:
Sassy 4"
Holly 4"
Spooky 4"


Friday, November 1, 2013

Leaky Shed Studio

Well, you have probably noticed that there has not been much going on with my blog.  I decided to take some time off from posting and design team work.  I wanted to play with my supplies, learn new techniques and frankly, get some much neglected things done around my house!  :)  You know what I mean, right? 
I have had a great time creating whatever motivated me at the moment.  I've even taken some online classes, started an art journal and even explored drawing again.  I'll get to posting some of my projects soon, but today...
I have some SUPER exciting news! 
I've been invited to join the Leaky Shed Studio Design Team!!
I couldn't be more excited about this!   In addition to making beautiful, quality products, I love that I can use them on a wide array of projects!! 
Of course, I won't be going on this journey alone.  Be sure to check out the 
to meet the other designers that are joining the team.

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Thanks for sharing in my excitement and I hope to inspire you with my projects!


Friday, August 16, 2013

100 Days of Tombow

For its centennial year, Tombow created the “100 Days of Tombow” program designed to promote and support arts education and quality art programs nationwide by showcasing the talents of crafters throughout North America and providing an in kind gift valued at up to $10,000 of Tombow art products to the Council for Arts Education, a national nonprofit promoting and supporting arts education. 
I am really excited to have been asked to participate! 
Every submission for the “100 Days of Tombow” blogging program will result in a $100.00 product donation to the Council for Arts Education.  How Awesome!
I made a canvas using the Tombow products that I was sent.  I also pulled out my Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue.    Great products, great company and a great cause!

This is a 6x12 canvas. 

It is fun to make these!  I love that I'm using things in my stash that I haven't used in forever!  It is a great way to use some of your left-over supplies.
It has lots of my favorite things!  Chipboard, flowers, ribbon and jewelry findings are front and center on it. 

Now, on to how I used the Tombow Markers to color my background and chipboard elements.
The background started with modeling paste and a stencil to give it a touch of dimension.  I gave it a quick coat of gesso and let it dry.  I then gave it a quick coat of mod-podge. 

Next, I took a make-up sponge and colored on the end with the pink marker.  After that, I put alchohol on it and dabbed in various sections on the canvas.
Tip:  To get more color, repeat this process.  You might find that it leaches the ink from your marker tip, but no worries!  Just place it with the tip down for a bit and the ink will flow back into the tip. 

I did this with three different colors, as shown.
I used pink, green and blue.
Coat with mod-podge again.

Next, I pulled out the larger tip on the markers and lightly ran them across the sections of sponged paint to add more color. 

This is the canvas when it's all ready to embellish.  I loved the soft look that it ended up with.  The 2nd step also made the modeling paste stencils stand out more.

And... about that chipboard... that I forgot to take pictures of!   Oh well, it isn't hard and really didn't require pictures, but... I wanted to show them!  :)

I used raw chipboard and gave them a quick coat of gesso.  After they dries, I took the pink, blue and brown markers and just quickly drew lines at an angle on them.   I then gave them a spritz of Perfect Pearls Mist and used my fingertip to smudge them a bit.

To finish it off, I gave the whole project a few spritzes of the Perfect Pearls Mist.

That's it!  Super quick and easy! 

Now, be sure to go by the Tombow Blog to see other projects that bloggers have done!  There are lots of great ideas and be sure to give a shout out to Tombow to wish them a Happy Birthday!