Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines with Little Yellow Bicycle

It's that time of year... the little ones are getting their Valentine's Day Cards together and ready to head off to school carrying extra treats!  How about doing something a little different for the teachers or even for one of your friends to say Happy Valentine's Day?
Last week, one of my Facebook friends commented about how she found out about something her child needed for school the next day. When did she find out? Why, the night before, of course! This is my answer to that for Valentine's Day!
I used the red and white elements from the Just Because collection.  I couldn't resist adding a touch of blue.  Who says that Valentines can only be red, white and pink?
This one is made with a heart cookie cutter. I doubt that I spent more than 5 minutes on it. I just used the Little Yellow Bicycle Vellum tape on the outside, popped it in a bag and tied a bow at the top. To add a bit more detail, I punched a hole in a Clear Cut, added a tiny jewel and tied it to the top.

Tip: Cookie Cutters can be found in several places around each of the holidays. Try checking your local craft store, grocery store or even discount stores.
This one is another super quick one. I had these clear cups on hand. I just punched a border from paper and adhered it to the bottom of the cup. Next, I wrapped a sticker border along the very bottom border. For the tie-on, I used a couple of pieces of chipboard and another tiny jewel.

Tip: If you take a closer look, you can see that to make the border fit better along the bottom of the cut, I scored it on the bottom side and then clipped between the scallops.
This one is a bit more time consuming, but still very easy and quick. For it, I used a clear transparency sheet. It also takes very limited supplies. I punched a couple of 12 inch strips and a thin piece of paper for the edges. Working while it was flat, I added the borders to the edges. Next up, I taped it together to make the cylinder. Put your candy in another clear bag that is already inside the cylinder. Tie a bow on the open end to close. On the closed end of the bag, tie a bow and then clip the edges. Finsh off with a punched heart, a little heart sticker and another tiny jewel.

Tip: You can get 4 to six of these out of each single sheet of transparency paper. One sheet goes a long way! Also, make sure that the edge you are adding the borders too is no more than 6 inches. This will save you time by making each punched strip work for two sides.
Be sure to stop by the Little Yellow Bicycle Blog for more inspiration!


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