Friday, August 2, 2013

Little Yellow Bicycle Vintage Summer

Hooray for Birthdays!

I love the red, white and blue in Vintage Summer from Little Yellow Bicycle!  My son's birthday is on July 3rd, so we almost always had red, white and blue themed parties when he was growing up.   This collection fits perfectly with all of those photos. 

Make a Wish

If you notice the date on this page, you will see that I'm a little bit behind in scrapbooking my photos.  ;)  In my defense, I didn't start scrapbooking until he was a sophomore in high school! 

I am so crazy about the ticking pattern in this collection.  I sew, too and have always been drawn to ticking in fabric, so I had to use it for this page. 

Because this paper remeinded me of fabric, I decided to give it a bit of pieced look and do a LOT of stitching!  It took a while, but I like the result, so I am happy with it.

This ribbon is 1 1/2" wide, so instead of a bow, I chose to just do a simple knot so it wouldn't be too large.  It also made sense to use a knot for a boy page.

Tip:  Look through your stash for extra embellishments.  The red stars have been in my stash for years!  Even though they are old, the made a fun little accent. 

The title is a mix of the denim letters from the Naturals Collection and clear word stickers. 
Tip: Next time you are limited on space, give a thought to using small and large stickers.  It makes a longer title fit when you might not have planned well!  lol  (Can you tell that I didn't?)

Be sure to take a peek at the Little Yellow Bicycle Blog to see what the team is up too!  The blog is loaded with lots of great ideas using the Vintage Summer Collection!


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