Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little Yellow Bicycle Vintage Summer

Summer Lovin' with Little Yellow Bicycle
Who doesn't love Summer?  It's my favorite time of the year!   So when we were doing summer lovin' projects at LYB, I was excited!  If you remember my birthday post, you will see the versatility of this collection.  It can be used so many ways!

Summer Love

I love this photo of a friend's little girl.  She is so adorable and with the water, watermelon and those tiny hands, it's a 'make me smile' photo for sure!

I did some stitching on this page, but don't be discouraged!  I used the technique that I like to use when I'm not wanting to spend a long time!  If you look closely, you will see that, again, I've made LONG stitches!

Tip:  Thinking about making a square or a few squares?  Take a peek in your stash and chose papers that already have a print that is easy to place the stitching holes.  This checked paper made the 3 squares super quick and easy!

The butterfly trails were stitched with regular stitches.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a quicker way to do those!

Also, for the centers of the paper flowers from the flower kit, I used some buttons from the Naturals Collection.  I also used some of those buttons on the layered circles shown below.

The cork is another Naturals Element.  LOVE the cork!  It makes me happy!  :)

Tip:  Instead of stitching through the button holes, I just positioned them to look like I did them at the same time.  I love the Beacons Fabri-tac to hold heavier elements.  It's like hot glue that isn't hot!  It also dries really quickly for those of use with patience issues!

Be sure to check out the LYB blog to see some great summer projects!


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