Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Leaky Shed Studio and Julie Nutting

I'm a big fan of Julie Nutting and actually purchased her book and played with her tips for drawing my own dolls.  Let me tell you, having them all cut out and ready to go is much easier than coming up with your own!  As you've already seen from some of the other designers, these little dolls are so versatile and there are endless ways to decorate them to suit your personal style.

I made a sign using three of the chipboard dolls.

This sign is only about 5x8" so it makes a perfect little door hanger.  It is one I picked up at Hobby Lobby for about a dollar.  I am forever picking up little bits and pieces to alter.

Be Marvelous
 The background was created using modeling paste and spritzes.  I sprayed some of the blue and purple on when the Modpodge was dry and used a paper towel to rub across the paper to give it a hint of color.

I chose to paint the doll's bodies and hair and to make their dresses from paper.  

Tip:  Before I started decorating them, I ran them through my printer and made a copy.  I then printed the copy on lightweight cardstock to make a pattern for cutting the clothes.  It's a super quick and easy!

After covering them with paper, I used my PITT Big Pens to add some details to the dresses in purple and blue.  I used a fine Pitt Artists pen to do the outlining and the details on their hair.

You can see that the outlining and details that I added are very loose.  I wanted some movement in the dresses but didn't worry about perfection.  Just a few brush strokes will do the trick.

To finish them off, I spritzed them with Perfect Pearls to add some sheen. 

Leaky Shed Studio Supplies:
Sassy 4"
Holly 4"
Spooky 4"


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