Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More She Art

First of all, I hope that you all had a

It was a wonderful Christmas for us.  Having our kids home at the same time is always a special treat.  It doesn't happen nearly often enough! 

I have been so busy with Christmas that I haven't had a lot of time for extra scrapping time.  I do have a LOT of projects that I haven't gotten around to posting yet though.

This is another example of She Art.  I lifted the idea for the dress from another blog, but for the life of me, I can't find it!  I have no idea how she did hers, but this is my take on a 'pretty' She Art girl.

I made this for my Mother-In-Law a few months ago.  I wanted to make something a bit more elegant and also something that fit her 'style'.


She collects angels and I really wanted to give this the feel of being an angel.  I searched and searched for wings, but couldn't find any that suited what I had in mind.  I ended up buying some crystals and cutting them up to make the wings.

You can see a bit of them here.  I just stuck them down and then added Mod Podge to make them really secure so they would stand up to the test of time.  You can also see a bit of the masking and stamping here.  The word 'believe' is a rub-on.

Here you can see that I used a ribbon for her sash.  To get it to stiffen and to stay in place, I first coated it in Mod Podge.  After it was a bit tacky, I shaped it into the look you see here.  When it was completely dry and stiff, I added several more coats of Mod Podge, being careful not to saturate it again so it would hold it's shape.

You can see the dimension of the dress here.  It was done by layering lots of strips of paper and bunching them up.  I kept adding more layers until I liked the look.  The word 'love' is also a rub-on.  I just rubbed it on over the layers.  Worked like a charm.

Other tips:  I used Lumier Metalic paint to get the sheen on the dress and flowers.  The gorgeous corner flourishes are old Basic Grey rub-ons.  Dig into your stash to find things that are left-overs.  If you are doing mixed media, invest in the Farber-Castell Pitt Big Brushes!!  They are worth every single penny of the cost!!  E-mail me if you want to know where I got mine.  I got a great deal on them!

Hope you like this one!  Would you believe I have 6 more She Art girls to share?  Trust me, you'll probably get sick of them before I'm done!  :)



  1. wow this is so beautiful...I love mixed media art..

  2. WOW, this is an amazing project! love it to bits! the wings are great with the glimmer!


    Pinned you!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous1/04/2012

    Love the She Art Class... I took both. Your girl came out awsome. I too have to make more of them as well. Thanks for Sharing. And whee did you get your pitt brush markers? lol My e-mail is

  5. WOW! Robbie! This is seriously gorgeous! I LOVE IT!!!