Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goals at Bo Bunny

The Bo Bunny Design Team was asked to make a project about our goals for 2012. 

 I am not much of a specific goal setter.  Not that I certainly couldn't afford to loose about 20 pounds, but I'm more about working on myself overall.  Instead of making a layout, I chose to make an inspiration sign.  I saw this quote on Pinterest and actually pinned it onto my 'Note to Self' board, so I thought it was perfect for today's post.

My Goal and My Reminder!

I am the world's worst about thinking things to death!! My kids will attest to the fact that I have the corner on thinking of every senario and then worrying about it! This is a reminder to quit thinking so much about EVERYTHING, even getting this project done. If I spent half as much time DOING as THINKING about what I was going to do, I just might be able to conquer the world! 


I chose to mostly use the Vicki B. Collection along with lots of Double Dot papers and ribbon.  I wanted this one to be a bit bright and fun.  It's for my scrapbook room so it needs to catch my eye, too,

I LOVE the Subway Art that I've been seeing around the net.  I think I could use it on every project.  I've always loved mixing fonts and alphabets for titles and Subway Art really fits into that love.  I used alphabets from several collections to show the message on this sign. 

Be sure to stop by the Bo Bunny Blog to see more layouts and projects
 about 2012 goals in the coming days!


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