Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday Must Have

No... you don't have your days wrong,it's not Monday anymore. For some reason my blog didn't post as scheduled! Probably user error! lol

This Monday is all about the right adhesive. As most of you know, without the right product for paper or embellishments, your projects can fall apart over time. I have had many pages from my early scrapbooking days fall apart in the book.

About 2 years ago, I read in a magazine about the ATG Adhesive Dispenser.

I thought that it was a little pricey but the reviews were wonderful! My other concern about it was the size. That thing is BIG! After asking around at Scrapbook.com and doing a bit more reading, I decided that I HAD to try it. After doing some research, I found the best price that I could and ordered one.

All I can say about this dispenser is Wow! It really is so easy to use. In fact, the tape runs so smoothly with it, that I actually find it much easier than the smaller dispensers that I used before. It is also surprisingly light weight.

On cost, I figured it up and I actually will spend less over time than I did with the smaller dispensers. The initial investment is a bit steep, but after 2 years, I know that it has more than payed for itself. Also, you don't run out of tape often. Each roll is BIG! They are also very inexpensive if you buy them in bulk. I buy them in a package of 12 rolls.

The only downside that I have found to this tool is that you better mean it when you use it! Mean it? If you aren't sure of your placement, don't use it yet. Be very sure because once you tape with the ATG your paper is NOT moving. No more things falling apart in your book.

So... where did I get it? I purchased mine from framingsupplies.com. I also purchase the tape from there. Be sure to buy the Gold Tape. It is the one that is acid free.

There are two different sizes of dispensers. If you are only going to use it for scrapbooking, I would recommend the red one. It uses only the 1/4 inch tape which is perfect for scrapbooking. Because I am not only a scrapbooker and knew that I would find other uses for mine, I purchased the yellow one. It allows you to use wider tapes with it, too. If you purchase the red one, you will need to purchase the adapter to allow you to use the 1/4 inch tape.

This is definitely one of my Must Have products when scrapbooking! What is your favorite paper dispenser? Is there another one out there that I need? I would love to hear from you!

Finally, I want to share a project that I did recently of my great niece. I got this picture at a baseball game. She was such a cutie with her cotton candy! I used Pebbles Ink Twitterpated papers and embellishments for this one. The alphabet is American Crafts Thickers. Such cute products!

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  1. Great review Robbie, thanks for all the information, I've been considering something like this for a while now but just haven't ever bothered to look into it. I'm still using rolls of tape that I painstakingly cut by hand, takes forever!
    As for your layout, how adorable, love the paper you've used for your background, and the colour scheme is just beautiful, cute pics too! :)

  2. Great review! I have the same tape gun and LOVE it! I buy my refills from TheTapeDepot on Ebay. They are a generic and cheaper. I got three rolls for$7.55 including shipping. There are larger packages that are better deals, but I still with buying 3 at a time as its less cost at the moment. Cute cute layout!