Monday, June 2, 2014

Off the Page for Flying Unicorn

As you know from my previous posts, I have joined the Flying Unicorn Kit Creative Team.  This month, I received my first kit and let me tell you, it was beautiful and so easy to create with.

In addition to everything you need to create terrific pages, the Main Kit of the Month includes an off the page item.  This month, it was an adorable little galvanized iron bench.  Since the kit was so beautiful and I still had so much left (even after completing 3 layouts and this bench) I chose to use the kit to decorate my little bench.

The collection is Tailgate Marked from Riddersholm.  I love blue, so this kit was certainly right up my alley!


I started out thinking that I would love to add a ruffled skirt to the bench, so that came first.  
 Tip:  To make the ruffles, I sprayed the paper with a bit of sparkly mist.  Then I 'pleated' it to the length of the bench front and sides.  After it was mostly dry, I used Fabri-tac to glue it to the bench. 

Next, I made a 'cushion' and the back cover.  The cushion was done using 2 pieces of cardboard cut to size and then adding a piece of paper to cover it.  I used a bit of the Petaloo Pom Pom trim from one of the kits to put around the edges.

The back of the bench was done by putting 2 pieces of paper over a piece of chipboard, adding eyelets and attaching it to the back of the bench with ribbon.

Super simple!

Next up, I made a little floral arrangement to sit in on the bench.  I used  some flowers from the kits, some Prima Vines from my stash and actually even cut a few pieces of ivy from the back of an arrangement in my house!  lol

The butterflies were fussy cut from the paper and attached to a bit of wire that I swirled a bit.

Tip:  I used a piece of floral foam to build the arrangement on.  It makes it super easy to  attach everything and gives it dimension.  After the arrangement was built, I added a bit of moss to cover any foam that might be showing.

One last detail was missing!  I felt that it need some ribbon ruffles between the paper ruffles.  Since I had already completed it and wanted to make it as easy as possible, I simply tied a lot of bows with the sheer ribbon that I had used on the back.  After the bows were tied, I just added a bit of Fabri-tac and tucked them between the layers.

Be sure to check out Flying Unicorn to see what all the Designers have created!  There are lots of wonderful creations!

Don't forget, you can now pre-order the kits!   You can find all the details here...

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