Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flower and Flourish Frenzy

If you know me, you know that I love flowers and flourishes on my pages.  You can probably guess that I was super excited to see this assignment at Bo Bunny!

Let the Sun Shine

The title of this one is a kind of 'spin' on my daughter's nick-name and also a nod to the sun shining on her in the picture.  My favorite pictures tend to be the ones that are taken outdoors with the sun in my children's hair.  I'm not sure why, but I am so drawn to those.

I used Bo Bunny Papers to make my flowers.  I used a punch for all the layers except the back layer.  For the back layer, I just punched a solid flower.  I then copied it at 125% on my printer to give myself a pattern and handcut them in the colors I wanted for each flower. 

The leaves are hand-cut and then inked and pinched a bit in the middle to give them a bit better shape.

I added lots of BIG stitches to this page.  I LOVE doing this because it gives extra detailing without spending nearly as much time.  I also went over the chipboard flourishes in a few places to give the look of holding it in place when it's actually sticky backed already. 

I did do some traditional stitching around the cut-out for a bit more detail there, too.  Finally, I lightly drew the butterfly trails and stitched them in place. 

This collection is the new Ambrosia collection.  I'm just wild about the colors in it!!!  Be sure to check out the entire collection and wonderful ideas from the design team on the


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