Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Kid's Table and Bo Bunny!

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Remember the dreaded Kid's Table?  You know the one... a card table pulled out of the garage with the left-over dishes?  Sitting... Sighing... and Wondering what was going on at the good table ... why they had the pretty stuff and if they would EVER finish dinner so you could open presents!

Boy... I didn't realize how much I didn't like the kid's table!  lol

Well, I have the solution to the problem.  Pull out your Bo Bunny and make it a table where they want to sit!  Here is a picture of an example of a child's placesetting.  Most of you won't know that I love gingerbread men.  {I'll show you in a new post in a few days! :)}  This little place setting was a natural fit for me.

Start a tradition: The little red wine glass was my grandmother's. When we visited her, we got to drink out of this glass. When she passed away, these glasses were something that I was so thrilled to receive. Every time I pull them out, I think of her. Unfortunately, this didn't help with the kid's table at Christmas because she only had 2! :)  You can bet that when I have grandchildren, I'll share these and start my own traditions, too!

Place Card:  These are so easy!  Just pull out your Bo Bunny Double Dots!  I just love those papers!  The holly leaves were made using the Olivia Wraps.  Just cut out holly leaves and glue dot them under your bow.  I really like the added texture they add.

Gift Box:  This is just a folded little gift box made from more Bo Bunny Double Dot paper.  I used a tiny gift box that I picked up at our local craft store, pulled apart and used it for a pattern.  You could add treats, or you could add some tiny trinket toys to entertain your little ones while they endure the endless wait for opening presents!

Napkin:  Remember your mom walking by and cleaning you up with that horrible scratchy and stiff napkin?  A good solution, when making your napkins, use flour sack cloth or some similar soft fabric.  After all, this table is supposed to be kid friendly.  It's a cute homespun look, too!  If you take the extra few minutes to sew on your Bo Bunny Buttons, it will be something that you can use over and over again. 

Note:  The truth is that I couldn't find a white dinner napkin!  I do like the way it turned out though and I'm keeping it!  :)

Ornament:  Give the kids an ornament to remember this Christmas.  Drop it in a wine glass for added decoration.   You might want to add a tag with the date.  I just hot glued Bo Bunny Buttons to a red foam ornament, tied a bow and added a small ribbon for hanging.  Easy and Fun!

Finally, add some striped straws and if all else fails... remember that first picture?  You know, the one with the huge cookie?  I'm not above bribery!  Let them eat desert first... but ONLY if they sit at the kid's table!

Thanks for dropping by!  Be sure to check out the Bo Bunny Blog for more Place Setting Ideas!

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  1. DARLING! I am such a sucker for buttons!

  2. he he! How cute is this!! Makes me wish my kids were young again :)

  3. Can I come over for dinner???

  4. Where did you get the peppermint plates? So cute!!