Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Create with Prima Rustic Birdhouse Video

Sometimes, you end up with a project that is just so YOU!  This is one of those projects for me. It will fit perfectly in my home.  It's just my style! 

This is just a small wooden birdhouse that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  Every craft store carries some kind of wooden birdhouse, so they are easy to find and using Prima Products, so easy to make them yours!

You can watch the start to finish process right here:

To start out, I stained the birdhouse using Prima Color Bloom.  Although it's hard to see in the photo, it makes it a bit sparkly.  I loved the way that it made the wood look and the sheen was an added bonus!

I added a metal roof and then distressed it using Prima Rust Pastes.  So fun and easy!

Add your favorite Prima Flowers along with some Prima Craft Flowers, ribbon, twine and little birds!
Don't forget the florists moss to fill it all in!

Finally, the smallest details can pull it all together and really make the project shine.  For this one, I couldn't believe the difference adding the Prima Art Stones made.  Such tiny little details, but they really pack a punch!

I would love to see your take!  Be sure to let me know if you make one!!
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