Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Prima Boxed Flowers

Hi everyone! At Prima, today is all about the beautiful Prima Boxed Flowers!
If you haven't checked them out, you REALLY need to!  There are so many different styles and there are even boxes of leaves!  In addition to that, there are little extras in each of the boxes.  Some have bling, some have glitter, some have beads... even tags!  Truly terrific flowers!

When thinking about today's post and what I was making, I kept coming back to these pretty marbled flowers.  I love the way all of them are so pretty and different but still compliment each other so well.  SO... I decided that I wanted to let them take center stage.  Instead of using a lot of products, for this one, I thought that sometimes, simple is best.

I took some $1.00 Candles, a $1.00 Candlestick and a bowl that was $.25 added some of these beautiful flowers and came up with a center grouping that can be used in so many ways.  In fact, with all the Prima Boxed Flower choices, I'll be using this idea again and again!

Look at the beautiful details on these Prima Boxed Flowers!  The are so pretty and FUN, too!  Another great thing about these boxed flowers is that you can see that I used a lot of them for this, but I still have a LOT left over!

Be sure to head over to the Prima Blog to see some more ideas from the design team!  The ways that you can incorporate the Prima Boxed Flowers into your projects is ENDLESS!

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