Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Bo Bunny Detour

It's another Limited Supplies Day at Bo Bunny!

Today, we were allowed to use only 3 sheets of paper, 1 sheet of cardstock, 1 sheet of stickers and one package of embellishments.  I really wanted to use the new Detour Collection for this one!  I have several pictures of Alex and his friends from Spring Break this year from a scuba diving trip to Curacao.  The Detour collection is such a great fit for so many of our vacation pictures, too!

Alex likes the pages for his books to not be really busy.  The Limited Supplies/Unlimited Inspiration assignments make a perfect fit for what he likes.  Using a small amount of supplies doesn't mean that your pages aren't finished, it just means that you have to think a bit differently. 

I love brads for those small details on a page.  Bo Bunny does so many great brads to match every collection!  I even used some of the tiny ones to make 'bullet points' on my page.

I also used a lot of the stickers.  I like to add foam dots to the back of stickers to make them do double duty as embellishments.  Stickers are a great way to title your pages when you don't want to do alphabet stickers or if you are a bit limited on space.

Be sure to check out the Bo Bunny Blog today for more ideas! 



  1. Looks good Robbie! Love the colors on this one.

  2. WHAT??? No ribbon, no buttons, no rub-ons. Well I'm glad it's you and not me!!!
    The layout looks great and you'd never know that you were limited in what you had to use.