Friday, October 28, 2011

Step it Up! at Bo Bunny

At the Bo Bunny Blog, there have been several requests for simple layouts.  We decided to start with a simple layout and then "Step it UP!" to show how to take your layout to the next level. 

My example does add a lot more detailing, but I was careful to keep it easy!  After all, not every page should take you forever to accomplish.  Some of my favorite pages are pages that came together quickly and easily. 

Picks of the Patch

I started with a basic design.  The Noteworthy shaped journal paper adds a great design element without taking a long time with going through the trouble to make it yourself.  A couple of punched edges, some stickers and your page is done!

Want to add a bit more?  Use several colors of embroidery floss to add some small details.  You can see here that I added floss strips to the borders, around the picture and around the Noteworthy.  Take forever?  NO! 
For the borders, I just put a hole in the page at each end and pulled the floss all the way across the page.  Same thing with adding the purple floss to the picture, just one hole for stitching at each corner.
The only place that took a little time was around the Noteworthy.  Still simple though!  Take advantage of the area where the colors meet and poke holes for stitching there.  It will cut out the time of measuring and placing!

The final touch is to add some big flowers, buttons and some orange dots.  The dots were done with Slick Paint.  Very quick and easy!

Here is a close-up so you can see the stitching and the dots.  I also just hand cut the leaves.   

Be sure to stop by the Bo Bunny Blog for more Step it UP! ideas!! 

Have a great weekend!


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