Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Retreat, Recovering and Scrapping

So much to share since I've blogged last. I went on a scrapbook retreat in Atlanta with some terrific ladies from Scrapbook.com. It's funny how you talk to people online for so long and they become your friends even though you've never met in person. It was so terrific to finally get to meet them and spend time with them! They are all as wonderful in person as they are online! We had a great time and shopped more than any of us probably should have. It was quite an adventure and I'm so glad that I scheduled my surgery around it!! LOL Yes, I really did tell the doctor that I had to do it the next week! So, I got home on Sunday evening and had surgery on Wednesday!

Here is a group picture of us.

This is the ONLY page that I did the whole weekend! The truth is that I didn't even finish it there either! If someone would explain to me why I bothered to even pack my scrappy stuff, I would appreciate it. Also, did I mention that my luggage didn't arrive with me? Naturally! The airline did deliver it when it arrived, so it's all good!
I used lots of Zva on this one. I also used Crate Paper Lemon Grass. This paper is so versitile and I'm almost out! Note to self... gotta get some more! This is the kids playing in the mud when they were little. The journaling says... At the end of the day a child should smell like dirt.
It's been almost two weeks since I had surgery. Thankfully, my recovery has been so much faster than I expected it to be! I'm so thankful! I think the loss of my energy has been the hardest part of the recovery. I'm not a sit still kind of gal and it drives me crazy to be so worn out so quickly. On trip to town for about an hour and I have to come home and take a nap!! WTHeck??? At least I got some scrappy goodies while I was out! My DH actually took pity on me this weekend and took me to Archivers! Woo Hoo!! I think that I'll keep him! What a sport and he didn't even complain when I so sweetly (picture rolling eyes here) asked if I could go to Michaels, too!

The only good news about sitting around is that during my recovery, I've managed to get a lot of scrapping done! Here is a page that I did for Zva. Gotta LOVE those embellishments!
This is Jade before senior prom. She was on her way out the door to get her hair done and I just had to snap a picture. The look is just so 'her'.

Finally, I'm planning a trip to Houston to go to CKC! I'm so excited and I'm going to be staying and hanging out with Scrappy Susan!! I'll share the adventure when I return! I have never been to any kind of scrapbook show or convention so I can't wait! Anyone have any helpful hints? I know to bring my credit card, my debit card, my checkbook and cash!! LOL! I have that hint down pat!

Hope things are going well with all of you!


  1. Great layouts! They are both gorgious. Have fun on your trip, wish I could go with you!Do show us what you've picked out,
    take care

  2. Had a blast meeting you too! Glad you're recovering well... and still managing to squeeze in plenty of scrapping and shopping. Have fun with Susan! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  3. Beautiful colors! Bring a large tote bag to the show. I brought 2, filled one...took it to the car and retrieved my second so I didn't have to carry the weight around all day. My friend brought a rolling tote...a bit of a pain navigating through people though.

  4. I think it is so cool that you got to meet up with friends!!! and I know that you will have fun with Susan!! love you new stuff Robbie!!!

  5. Wish I would have known you were going to be in Atlanta, we could have met in person! I bet you had a blast meeting all your sb.com friends!

  6. It really was GREAT getting to meet all my friends from sb.com! I know I felt like we'd all met before!

    Just one thing...You and Susan ((try)) to stay out of trouble when you go for the CKC show. I know it'll be tough, but you ((can)) do it!!! LOL!!!

  7. I'm so glad you got to go on that scrap trip with all the girls. I know you all had such a blast.

    Your Zva work is really amazing and keeps getting better - especially with your all the wonderful photos of your kids.

  8. Robbie your Zva work is something else!! You are a true inspiration!! Tfs your great work! :D

  9. I'm still upset that I missed meeting you guys!!! Waaaaahhhh!!! I love your pages and I'm glad you're feeling better. I have some "mud" pics like that and I need to scrap them!!! You've inspired me!

  10. Don't think I saw these layouts before!!! Totally gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I saw one of your layouts in a magazine and fell in love - I blogged about it today if you care to read :) Hope you are having a great day!

  12. Witaj!
    ƚliczne robisz te scrapy. Gratulacje.
    Pozdrawiam. Dorota

  13. You are SO creative!!! Love your work darlin', and I miss talking to you! ((HUGS))

  14. Gorgeous layouts Robbie!
    I bet you had fun at the retreat even though you didn't scrap much. You can do that at home. You got to spend lots of time with your friends instead!
    Hope you have speedy recovery!
    True :D