Thursday, May 1, 2008


Wow! Things are starting to heat up around here!! My son is graduating from High School on June 7th. In the two short years since my daughter graduated, I had forgotten just how much there is going on before the actual event. It seems like everyday there is another little detail to see to. Invitations, banquets, awards, scholarship applications, school acceptances... the list goes on and on! In addition to graduation, prom is only 2 weeks away. Talk about excitement. If all that wasn't enough, my son is in the midst of his Eagle Scout Project. Never a dull moment around here!!

The kids are planning their graduation parties and having so much fun as the excitement builds. The moms took them to the park to take pictures for their invitations and really got some fun ones. The best part was watching them laugh and tease each other. There is a big group that is having a huge party for anyone who would like to come the night of graduation. I think they are going to have a blast and we have lots of fun things planned for them that night! It is really a blessing to see what great young adults they have grown up to be.

We have one more photo shoot planned, because Alex is having a small party with a small group of friends that more for family and family friends to come celebrate his accomplishments.

I am scrapping away trying to get an album done for him to diplay at the parties. I am having lots of fun with it and going 'back to the basics'. Alex really likes the more simple pages and that is what he is getting! It has been forever since I have done a two page layout, and I'm actually enjoying it! It will be a lot more enjoyable when I get all the football pictures finished! lol

So... with Summer approaching fast, what are you up to? I would love to hear about it!!

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